“Julia Kelly is one those social media superstars that skyrocketed to Internet fame after appearing in Vine videos. She recently tweeted that she’s “been rejected by almost every guy I’ve ever liked,” which we have a hard time believing. Either way, New York Times Magazine named her as a “New and Rising Star” on social media so those poor dudes clearly missed out.”

“In the courtyard of the Hammer that night, after the premiere, I met Julia Kelly (Instagram: 652,497; Vine: 663,108; Twitter: 44,104), another Influencer signed to theAudience. Julia described herself to me as a “Vine actress.” Her six-second skits tend to be various permutations of the following: A boy likes her but she likes the boy’s friend; she likes the boy and the boy disses her; she and her friend are fighting over a boy.”

“Behold! Our Lovely Lady of The Day is Miss Julia Kelly! The gorgeous actress and model is also a well known Viner as well!”